4 March 2019

Sunshine Coast Airport and Sunshine Coast Council have agreed to extend the time frame for the Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan 2040 planning process by an additional three months.

This will enable further development of a comprehensive Airport Master Plan which reflects the detailed design information now available as part of Sunshine Coast Council’s new runway project and additional engagement with stakeholders.

The Airport Master Plan will set out how the airport will be developed and operate over the next 20 years to accommodate the future needs of the airport and the Sunshine Coast community.

Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Brodie, who recently commenced in the CEO role at Sunshine Coast Airport, said that it was imperative the Airport Master Plan provided a clear blueprint for the future operation of the international airport.

“The Airport Master Plan will need to provide a comprehensive vision of how the Airport will evolve to 2040 and beyond, and so it is vital that we take into consideration all the factors that will affect its operation over that period,” said Mr Brodie.

“Having been involved in the massive upgrade of Brisbane Airport over the past decade, it is essential that we get the fundamentals right.

“The ‘new’ Sunshine Coast Airport has the potential to be one of the most important drivers of the Sunshine Coast economy in the next two decades and create an even more powerful asset for the community.

“Development of detailed design of the works for the airport upgrade and our discussions with Council highlighted areas that now needed to be more fully explored in the development of the Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan prior to it going to the prescribed public consultation process.

“We want to ensure that we fully engage with stakeholders as part of its development. This engagement is absolutely key to the process.

“We thank Council for their ongoing support and look forward to delivering the Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan 2040 which reflects the long-term importance of this project to the Sunshine Coast community.”

The Preliminary Draft Airport Master Plan will be available for public consultation from the end of May 2019 for a 50-day consultation period, during which the business and general community will be able to submit comments before a final version of the Airport Master Plan is submitted to Sunshine Coast Council.


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