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Over 10 direct flights. 4 capital cities. Easy parking.

With over 10 flights a day on average, you can choose from 3 direct flights per week to Adelaide, direct daily flights to Sydney and Melbourne, plus seasonal flights direct to Auckland July to October. Parking is easy and convenient at Sunshine Coast Airport.

Where can I fly

The more you fly local, equals more flights!

The more the community flies from Sunshine Coast Airport, the more destinations and flights we can negotiate from Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin, Air New Zealand, and possibly other airlines.

fly local

What would you rather be doing, than sitting in traffic?

Flying from Sunshine Coast Airport can save you hours of your valuable time and stress. The stress of a long drive after a hard day, or the anxiety of making a flight that depends on traffic.

Check flying local first

“I fly local because it’s easier.”

“I would much rather spend a couple of extra hours with my family than travelling to and from Brisbane. Sunshine Coast Airport is easier, the parking is heaps cheaper and it’s way less stress.” On average Kim takes 26 flights a year and loves having the Sunshine Coast Airport close by.

fly local

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