General Aviation

Below is detailed information regarding Sunshine Coast Airport operations. Should you require further information contact our Airport Management office on +61 1300 993 543 or the Airport Safety Officer on 0419 658 272. Further contact details regarding airport operations are detailed in  the Airservices Australia publication, En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA).

Runways and Taxiways

There are two runways at Sunshine Coast Airport to cater for aircraft traffic.  The main runway – Runway 18/36 is 1797m long and 30m wide and is suitable for aircraft up to B737/A320 size.  The second runway – Runway 12/30 is for general aviation aircraft up to 5700kg take-off weight and is 650m in length and 18m wide.

Navigational Aids

The airport has a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) visual navigational aid, plus Airservices Australia provide Non Directional Beacon (NDB) and VHF Omni Range (VOR) radio aids to pilots.

Air Traffic Control

The airport has a Control Tower which is owned and operated by Airservices Australia.  The tower operating hours are published in NOTAM.

Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting

A rescue and fire fighting service is provided for all airline flights by Airservices Australia.

Pilot Facilities

Further details of the facilities for pilots are contained in Airservices Australia publications;

  • En Route Supplement Australia (ERSA), and
  • Departure and Approach Paths-East (DAP-East).

Pilots should access this information through the Airservices Australia website and their Pilot Centre.


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