Aircraft Parking & Ground Handling

Aircraft Parking Aprons

Airline aircraft are catered for on the main parking apron (RPT Apron) where currently up to four B737/A320 size aircraft can park at any given time. From December 2020, this will increase to eight aircraft of B737/A320 size. The apron will also cater for one large twin aisle aircraft such as B777/B787/A330/A350.

General aviation aircraft have parking areas available on the southern general aviation area, with tie-down points available, on the western general aviation area, or on the grass. Parking is also available on the main RPT apron area with prior approval from Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd. Please note that space on the RPT apron is limited for general aviation aircraft parking.


Itinerant Aircraft Parking Approvals

Operators should refer to the requirements stated in ERSA in relation to parking of aircraft at Sunshine Coast Airport.

Parking space is limited and approvals must be obtained in advance for aircraft over 5700kg, light jet and turbine aircraft. The requirements are detailed in ERSA, local traffic regulations, paragraph number 5.

When requesting a parking approval the following information is required:

  • Name of operator
  • Phone number (preferably 24 hour) / fax number
  • Aircraft type
  • Aircraft registration number ETA/ETD
  • Origin/destination
  • Special requirements, e.g. VIP passengers
  • Passenger numbers in/out
  • Handling agent (for aircraft requiring marshalling or other ground handling services).

Ground Handling

Due to the requirement to maintain safe clearances for airline operations, larger aircraft using the main apron and Apron South must be marshalled into position to their approved bay.

Aircraft servicing, marshalling, passenger movement and baggage handling services can be carried out by local operators approved by Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd.

Sunshine Coast Airport does not provide an aircraft marshalling service, however aircraft marshalling and ground services can be arranged through either Swissport, Flight Options or Machjet International at their FBO facilities.


P: (07) 5457 0752 / M: 0403 455 443 / E:

Flight Options
24HR M: 0439 761 124 / E:

Machjet International

P: (07) 5457 0778 / 24HR M: 0447 182 351 / E:


Main Apron Security Requirements

Sunshine Coast Airport is a security controlled airport.  The requirements of the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations apply to airside activities.

The airside of the airport is security controlled and therefore a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be worn at all times by visiting pilots.  Further detail on security requirements for your visit can be obtained by contacting the Airport Safety Officer on +61 419 658 272.

The main RPT apron is a Security Restricted Area during the operational period of the airlines.  As such security measures including the screening of itinerant aircraft crew and their passengers, and the inspection of items being taken to the main RPT apron may apply.  Pilots are responsible for the close escort of passengers to and from the terminal building, and ensuring separation from screened airline passengers.



Aviation fuel (AVGAS, Jet A1) is available from Viva Energy Australia +61 7 5448 7114, or after hours on +61 408 711 968.

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