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Sunshine Coast Airport is conscious of potential noise impacts on the community, particularly for residents immediately surrounding the airport or underneath flight paths.  Whilst it is recognised by all parties that the airport was in place prior to most residents moving into the area, Sunshine Coast Airport attempts to address the community concerns and have implemented a Fly Neighbourly Policy on the airport which the majority of aircraft operating companies have voluntarily signed.

It is important to note that the Sunshine Coast Airport operates 24 hours a day.

Sunshine Coast Airport encourages any concerns regarding noise at the airport to be raised with Airservices Australia’s Noise Complaint Information Service directly. Airservices Australia is the Federal government body that is responsible for managing airspace within Australia.

Freecall 1800 802 584, or write to:

Noise Complaint Information Service (NCIS)
PO Box 211
Mascot NSW 1460

Alternatively an online complaint form is available at

For more information please visit

Currently it’s

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