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Aircraft Noise Information Tool

Sunshine Coast Council’s Aircraft Noise Information Tool allows you to review indicative aircraft noise over existing addresses for the Airport and forecasts for 2020 and 2040.

How to use the tool

Note: Ordinary Google Maps navigation is enabled in the map. For more information about each menu item, click the corresponding information icon.

Noise measurement menus

1. Click the ANEF/ANEC, N70 or B737-700 LAmax buttons to select the type of noise measurement you want to view. The selected type will be highlighted green.

Noise contours for different scenarios

2. Click the scenario you want to view (Existing, 2020 or 2040). The scenario will be highlighted green and a contour will be shown on the map.
3. To ‘lock’ a scenario on, click and hold the scenario name until the scenario is highlighted yellow.

Address search

4. Search for an address by typing in the address box at the top of the map.
5. Either select the address in the drop-down list or press enter when you have finished typing.
6. To clear the address and search another, retype into the address box.

Flight paths

7. Click the ‘Show/hide flight paths’ button to display indicative flight paths. (Note that this functionality may cause the noise tool to run slowly on some devices.)


8. To print the current map select print from your browser’s menu. (Right click outside the map area and select ‘print’ in most browsers.) For best results, on some browsers you may need to enable printing background colours (Search ‘print background’ in your preferred search engine and your internet browser – e.g. ‘print background firefox’).


9. To reset the map select the ‘reset map’ button.

Review indicative aircraft noise over an existing address with the interactive Aircraft Noise Information Tool.

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