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Flights to commence to Launceston, (or ‘Launnie’ as the locals call it!) on 29 March, 2024. This vibrant cultural and gastronomic hub is home to a tight-knit and diverse community of winemakers, artists, distillers, designers, growers and nature lovers from around the world.

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Launceston, the largest city in northern Tasmania and Australia’s third-oldest city, dating back to 1806, stands as a culinary haven. It proudly showcases top Tasmanian produce on both your plate and in your glass.

Whether you’re exploring farmers’ markets, savoring paddock-to-plate meals, enjoying urban bars, or indulging in the Tamar Valley’s cool-climate wineries, Launceston takes its place at the global dinner table with pride as a UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

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