Fly from Sunshine Coast to Mildura

Known for its production of oranges and grapes, cultural heritage ready to be explored all while amongst the mighty Murray River, Mildura could be one of Australia’s most underrated towns. From stunning wineries to accommodation-done-differently where houseboats are the norm’, buckle up for a superb weekend escape that will be hard to forget.

Airlines that fly to Mildura from the Sunshine Coast:

Exploring Mildura

While Mildura thrives as its own destination, it is also a great base for touring many iconic natural wonders and picturesque locations nearby.
It’s all about the outdoor experience, red earth and mighty rivers, pioneers and a cultural heritage over 45,000 years in the making. Get out and explore it!

Whether you prefer to explore independently, or enjoy a hassle-free touring experience with a knowledgeable guide, there’s a lot to learn and love about our beautiful part of the world.