Where can I fly?



Sunshine Coast Airport currently flies to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, CanberraNewcastle and Emerald. See below for where each airline flies to, from Sunshine Coast Airport.

Flights to and from Auckland with Air New Zealand will be a year round service. For more information on flights between Sunshine Coast and Auckland including travels alerts and flight restrictions go to Air New Zealand.

Jetstar flies to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne

Qantas flies to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne

Virgin Australia flies to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne

Alliance Airlines flies to Emerald

FlyPelican flies to Newcastle

Air New Zealand flies to Auckland

For more information about airlines and flight bookings visit our Airlines and Bookings page.

You can also find COVID-19 specific travel information, including links to how each airline is working to help you travel safe, at our Frequently Asked Questions page here.

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