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I fly local

“I fly local because it’s easier.”

Meet the local business people and athletes who choose to fly local because it’s stress-free and gives them more time to enjoy the region we all love most – the Sunshine Coast.


Phillip Hart
National entrepreneur

“I use the Sunshine Coast Airport to get me to and from Melbourne with as less stress as possible,” Philip said. “It means rather than sitting in traffic for an hour or more to Brisbane, I can be in teleconferences, relaxing with my family, or out on the boat off Mooloolaba.”

“My wife and I also regularly use the airport to reconnect with family and friends in Sydney and Melbourne. We find it easy to fly in and out of the Sunshine Coast. Especially on the return flights, our car is there waiting and the fees are very affordable compared to other airports and if we need family to pick us up it’s not a big inconvenience like driving to Brisbane would be,” Philip said.


Kim McCosker
Internationally renowned author of 4 Ingredients

Sunshine Coast Airport is practically my second home and we love being able to fly from just down the road rather than fight traffic,” Kim said.

“I travel dozens of times a year and wherever possible I choose to fly from Sunshine Coast Airport because it’s easier, the parking is heaps cheaper and it’s way less stress.”

“I would much rather spend a couple of extra hours with my family than travelling to and from Brisbane, particularly when it means you have to leave home at 3am to check in and catch a flight!”


Dimity Stoyle
World Championship Pro-Surfer

“When I’m overseas, it is so much easier to land in Sydney and fly direct to the Sunshine Coast. It takes the pressure off having to drive an hour in Brisbane traffic when you just want to be home” Dimity said.

“I live 10 minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport so it just fits with my lifestyle to fly direct into the coast. It’s also more convenient for my family to collect me from the Sunshine Coast airport – it saves us all time and money.”

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