Important announcement for international travellers

From 30 June 2018, people travelling internationally will notice some changes to how they are screened in Australia. Passengers will be required to present all powders in their carry-on baggage separately for screening.
There will be quantity restrictions on some types of powders but most common powders remain unrestricted. Check the TravelSECURE website before you travel.

Currently it’s


Book your parking ahead of time

Park & Go

Pick-up & Drop-off

You may use the pick-up/drop-off zone at the front of the terminal to collect waiting passengers or drop-off for departing passengers but conditions and time limits do apply.  Please see below for further details.

For pick-up please ensure your passengers are kerbside and ready to depart with their baggage on your arrival. The stopping time is limited to a maximum of 2 minutes. Overstays in the pick-up/drop-off zone are subject to a fine. Alternatively parking is available from $4 for up to 1 hour in the Short Stay car park.

Due to Aviation Security requirements the driver must stay with their vehicle in the pick-up/drop-off zone at all times. Unattended vehicles or vehicles exceeding the time limit in the drop-off zone are infringements and offenders will be fined or may be towed. Parking in the terminal drop-off zone is not permitted at any time. For more information about our parking facilities click here.

Flight arrival and departure times can be checked on-line before leaving home should you wish to avoid unnecessary waiting.