Security & Customs

We take security very seriously and the safety of the airport precinct is of the highest priority. We are committed to working closely with all government regulators relating to aviation safety and security.

Security screening is in operation in accordance with the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005. Screening of visitors, passengers, cabin baggage and check baggage is conducted in the terminal.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are items or substances that may endanger the safety of aircraft or persons on board an aircraft.  Please contact your airline for details of prohibited and allowable items or visit the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website for further details.

Inappropriate Jokes and Comments

Any comment made, even if in jest, regarding the possession or knowledge of possession of a weapon or explosive device will be taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or refusal by the airline to carry you as a passenger.

Unattended Items

Luggage and personal items should, under no circumstances, be left unattended.  Leaving an item unattended may result in prosecution. Please ensure that all baggage has your name and address details on the inside and your name and destination displayed on the outside.  Airlines provide luggage tags at the check-in counters for this purpose.

Filming and Photography

Passengers and visitors may take cameras into the Departures lounge, however photos must not be taken of check-in counters, check-in staff, security procedures or security staff.

For any other filming or photography at Sunshine Coast Airport contact the Airport Management Office at

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