Meet and Greet

Nothing beats a smile and warm embrace at the airport.

If you would like to meet and greet an arriving passenger, there are a number of places you can wait, depending on the arriving airline and gate location.

For flights arriving into Northern Arrivals, you can enter the terminal via the Check-in area and proceed to the baggage carousel in Northern Arrivals. For flights arriving into Southern Arrivals, you have two options:

You can proceed into the main Departures Hall – please note that you will have to be security screened as this is a sterile area, or you can proceed to the baggage carousel in Southern Arrivals.

Meet and Greet

Parking options when meeting and greeting

Sunshine Coast Airport offers 15 minutes of free parking in all of our carparks. When you enter the carpark you’ll receive an entry ticket which is stamped with the time of entry. As long as you exit the carpark within 15 minutes of this time, you won’t be charged for your car parking.
See the location of our carparks to help plan your visit.

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Parking options when meeting and greeting
Pick-up and Drop-off

Sunshine Coast Airport offers a safe and convenient kerbside pick-up and drop-off zone, located at the front of the terminal.

Airport Maps

Find out how to get around the airport to help you plan your trip.

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