Pick-up & Drop-off

You may use the pick-up/drop-off zone at the front of the terminal to collect waiting passengers or drop-off for departing passengers but conditions and time limits do apply.

Due to Aviation Security requirements, vehicles must not be left unattended in the pick-up/drop-off zone. Unattended vehicles or vehicles exceeding the time limit in the drop-off zone are infringements and offenders will be fined or may be towed.

Recovery of towed vehicles will be at a cost to the owner. Parking in the terminal drop-off zone is not permitted at any time. For more information about our parking options click here.

You can avoid unnecessary wait times by checking the flight arrival and departure times before leaving home.

15 minutes free parking

Sunshine Coast Airport offers 15 minutes of free parking in all of our car parks. Great for picking up and dropping off passengers. All car parks are conveniently located and within easy walking distance of the terminal.

When you enter the car park you’ll receive an entry ticket stamped with the time of entry. As long as you exit the car park within 15 minutes of this time, you won’t be charged for your parking stay.

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