Peace of Mind Parking Terms and Conditions

Sunshine Coast Airport Peace of Mind Parking

Peace of Mind Parking Refunds are granted if you are prevented from returning to Sunshine Coast Airport to collect your vehicle and exit Sunshine Coast Airport as per your online booking for one of the following reasons (only):

1. Your return flight was cancelled due to the following unforeseen circumstances:

  • Government mandated border closures between Queensland and the state from which you are returning; or
  • Airline cancellations provided that the airline did not offer a replacement flight which would have resulted in you returning to Sunshine Coast Airport to collect your vehicle and exit a Sunshine Coast Airport carpark as per your original booking; or
  • You were unable to fly due to physical illness or incapacity
  • To validate your Peace of Mind Parking Refund please visit the following Refunds page on our website: Parking Refunds Form | Sunshine Coast Airport

On the refunds page you will be required to complete your contact details including name, email, phone number, vehicle registration and online booking reference number.

You will be required to provide supporting documentation by uploading scanned copies of cancellation evidence from either your carrier airline or medical provider. You will also need to provide scanned copies of the overstay fees that you are seeking to have refunded. Without providing the required supporting documentation, your overstay fees will not be refunded. Additional information can be emailed to [email protected] quoting your name and booking reference.

All personal information provided as part of this refund application will be collected, used and stored in accordance with the Sunshine Coast Airport Privacy Policy.

Insufficient information provided may result in the refusal to grant a refund. Sunshine Coast Airport reserves the right to request further information to validate your refund claim if required.

The Peace of Mind Parking Refund is valid for online bookings only and the terms and conditions that apply to Sunshine Coast Airport’s online booking system (Parking Terms | Sunshine Coast Airport) continue to apply.

Peace of Mind Parking Refunds will be confirmed via email and processed within 14 working days of approval.