Handling services and facilities

Due to the requirement to maintain safe clearances for airline operations, larger GA aircraft using the main apron and apron south must be marshalled into position to their approved bay.

Aircraft servicing, marshalling, passenger movement and baggage handling services can be carried out by local operators approved by Sunshine Coast Airport Pty Ltd.

Sunshine Coast Airport does not provide an aircraft marshalling service, however aircraft marshalling and ground services can be arranged through either Swissport, Flight Options or Machjet International via their FBO facilities. See below for contact details (details also available in AIP-ERSA).

Handling services and facilities

Contact details for FBO’s and ground handlers

You can arrange ground handling through one of the following:

Main Apron Security Requirements

Sunshine Coast Airport is a security controlled airport.  The requirements of the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations apply to airside activities.

The airside of the airport is security controlled and therefore a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) must be worn at all times by visiting pilots.  Further detail on security requirements for your visit can be obtained by contacting the Airport Safety Officer on +61 419 658 272.

The main RPT apron is a Security Restricted Area during the operational period of the airlines.  As such security measures including the screening of itinerant aircraft crew and their passengers, and the inspection of items being taken to the main RPT apron may apply.  Pilots are responsible for the close escort of passengers to and from the terminal building and ensuring separation from screened airline passengers.

Parking for GA Operators

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Forms and Documents

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Airport Fees and Charges

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