Priority Development Area (PDA)

On July 28 2023, the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) declared Sunshine Coast Airport a Priority Development Area (PDA) – a collaboration between Economic Development Queensland, Sunshine Coast Council and Sunshine Coast Airport.

The announcement of a PDA recognises the airport as a significant regional asset and the important role it plays as an economic enabler for the wider region.

The PDA, which covers the 460 hectare airport site, will support the creation of a modern competitive airport, delivering significant growth opportunities across employment, local business and tourism.

Priority Development Area (PDA)
Economic Development Queensland

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Fact Sheet about the PDA

Click here to download a Fact Sheet on the Sunshine Coast Airport PDA.

Impact and benefit of a PDA

The PDA will have a significant impact in helping the airport grow its aviation and non-aviation offerings.

As a key economic enabler, and gateway to the wider region, we have a responsibility to our community to attract more business, provide employment opportunities, drive tourism and provide a vibrant hub that will connect people both domestically, and internationally.

Value to the economy

The growth of the airport will add significant value to the local economy and a boost for local businesses.

The PDA will deliver significant economic benefits as a result of a fully developed airport through boosting jobs, growing the tourism economy and supporting other sectors such as food and agribusiness, freight, education and health.

By FY26/27, growth in passengers is expected to boost the local tourism industry by supporting:

– 4,977 tourism jobs
– $422 million in Gross Value Add (GVA).

By 2030, it is estimated airport development will support:

– An annual increase of $11 million to Queensland’s GDP
– 165 jobs each year over the construction period.

By 2040:

– The Airport will directly contribute $307 million to Australia’s GDP and $460 million in total.
– Jobs on airport are forecast to grow to 2,400 and a total of 3,438 jobs (direct and indirect) will be supported.

What happens next?

Now that the PDA has been declared, development within the Airport will be facilitated under an Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) while the proposed development scheme is being prepared.

The ILUP manages development within the declared area (PDA) until the development scheme comes into effect. The community will be consulted during preparation of the development scheme.

The ILUP for the Sunshine Coast Airport PDA consists of distinct precincts:

Precinct 1: Airport – includes the existing Sunshine Coast Airport terminal, airport facilities and infrastructure, and general aviation operations.

Precinct 2: Environmental Conservation – includes environmental conservation areas that are of environmental significance and have associated conservation, biodiversity, habitat and scenic amenity values.

Land uses listed in the ILUP have elevated development rights, which means development applications can be lodged and obtained to allow construction commencement prior to the development scheme approval.

A copy of the Sunshine Coast Airport Priority Development Area (PDA) Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP) can be found on the EDQ Website.

What happens next?

Public Notification

We appreciate our community of residents, tenants, business owners, industry and government have an interest in what happens at the airport.

A public notification period also forms part of the PDA process, providing the opportunity to view and understand the proposed development scheme and have a say.

More information about the Sunshine Coast Airport PDA and the proposed development scheme can also be found on the Queensland Government EDQ Website.

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