Noise Management

Sunshine Coast Airport is conscious of potential noise impacts on the community, particularly for residents immediately surrounding the Airport or underneath flight paths.

Sunshine Coast Airport has been operating since 1961. The airport aims to manage the impacts of aircraft noise by working with the community, aviation partners and government agencies. We do this by:

Noise Management
Noise Abatement Procedure

Airlines require airport approval to take-off or land between 11pm and 5.30am. Find out more.

Fly Neighbourly Agreements (FNA)

The FNA for fixed wing and helicopters aims to minimise the noise impacts from aircraft on local residents.

Flight Paths and Aircraft Noise

The new airport runway means changes to flight paths, necessary to achieve safe and efficient operations for the Airport and the community. Find out more.

Understanding Aircraft Noise

The level of noise you hear from an aircraft during take off, landing and during flight can vary and is influenced by a number of factors. Find out more.

Fly Neighbourly Agreements for Fixed Wing

View the airport’s Fly Neighbourly Agreement for Fixed Wing Aircraft

Fly Neighbourly Agreements for Helicopters

View the airport’s Fly Neighbourly Agreement for Helicopters

Aircraft Noise Information Tool

Find out more about the Aircraft Noise Information Tool